Well the Mustang has arrived in Australia and Harrop Engineering has produced a spectacular Supercharger kit , The blower a 2.3 lt positive displacement supercharger was cast , manufactured and assembled in Australia by Harrop engineering.  The Supercharger kit is designed so the supercharger itself is located under the intercooler core allowing a much bigger intercooler, and that equals lower air intake temps, Air intake temps are important when it comes to supercharging, heat equals power loss.

Harrop Enginerring have designed the kit to have the supercharger air intake at the front of the supercharger allowing for a more direct air path. The kit tuned as a every day driver will make  550 flywheel killowats & 800 NM of torque.

The kit is provided with all parts required for the installation that include Supercharger , Intercooler , Injectors , Cold air intake, wiring along with instructions.

We can supply or supply/install and tune your new supercharger at additional cost.

Drive Line warranty is now available on Harrop supercharger kits fitted by Intune Motorsport, This Warranty will be backed by Harrop Enginerring.

Why a Harrop Supercharger?

Harrop Engineering was a OEM suppler to Ford Australia from 2010 to 2016, They supply`d the supercharger that was fitted to original FG and the FGX 5.0 lt cars, Ford Australia had the option to fit any supercharger in the world but after an extensive testing the Harrop Supercharger was chosen. Now when you think about it, Ford Racing USA & Roush Performance have a supercharger kit & both company’s have direct links to Ford, Ford Australia needed to come up with a performance package that would produce outstanding reliability and performance. In the end the Ford Racing and Roush Performance kits were not selected. From our point of view the engineering of the Harrop Suppercharger is far up and beyond any thing else on the market. My own personal Mustang a 5.0 lt auto car & is fitted with a Harrop Supercharger kit that has had some slight upgrades & has run a best so far of a 9.9 @ 139 MPH at Sydney Dragway.

Why a 2.3 lt Supercharger?

Well as most cars receiving a supercharger kit will only see street driving conditions, you can over do the supercharger size. Much like a turbo charger if you put a bigger supercharger on your car it will need to slowed down resulting in less low down power. The limiting thing on a 5.0 lt Mustang is the compression ratio not the supercharger.

Is the Harrop Supercharger supply`d with every thing?

Every thing you will need comes with the Harrop Supercharger , some other brands of superchargers being sold in Australia are not supply`d with things like the cold air intake, Its seen as a option by some kits.

Is Drive Line Warranty?

Intune Motorsport can now offer the option of drive line warranty to all eligible Mustang supercharger kits supply`d & installed at our Seven Hills shop. This Warranty will be provided by Harrop Engineering, Why is that important?, Well if you purchase a kit manufactured in the USA and it has the availability of drive line warranty, That warranty will be backed by a company in the USA, now that could tune into a huge issue if you ever had an issue.