Head Studs 12 point 4.0 lt XR6 Turbo

The Intune Motorsport XR6 Turbo 12 point head stud kit is by far one of the best stud kits on the market.

Our ITMS head studs increase the cylinder head gasket clamping force to 7000 kgs from factory 4000 kgs . That is a huge head gasket clamping force gain. With many years of experimentation the development of the Intune Motorsport head stud kit has progressed.

The high 7000 kg pressure load comes as a result of three areas of improvement over other products on the market. The stud its self is thicker by .75 mm in the area in between the threads. The 12 point nut has been improved, increasing the flange area on the bottom of the nut to disperse the load more evenly also Precision ground washer is lager then most other products on the market.

The Intune Motorsport XR6 Turbo 12 Point Head Studs kit can be used many times over.  Finally this head stud kit also comes with a Intune Motorsport lifetime warranty.

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