Mustang Paddle Shifter Extension kit

Well If you are looking for a Mustang Paddle shifter extension kit from 2015 to current , then this is it for you. At Intune Motorsport we manufacture the best quality parts to suit your late model Mustang. The shifter paddle extension kit in made from high quality aluminium using a CNC mil to exacting tolerances . Once all the machining is finished the bare paddles are sent to be pressed into the curved shape and then we send them off for anodizing. The shifter paddle extensions are available in Silver , Red and Black with the anodizing finish making them look outstanding.


You will find included in the kit two pieces of 3m double sided tape, the tape is used to attach the shifter extensions on to your existing shifter paddles. Installation can be done in a few minutes. This will extend your paddles so first you can see them , but also placing them so if you are turning, its much easier to select gears.

This product looks and works fantastic in any late model mustang and is a must for the performance enthusiast.

I personally have one of our very first Mustang shifter extension kits, fitted to my Mustang.  This kit allows shifting gears much easier than just trying to use the std ones. Nothing is better than being foot down and selecting gear after gear.

If you need installation we can look after that for you at our Seven Hills workshop. We Have a fully equipped facility including dyno along with 4 x working bays and are able to look after all your mustang needs from every day servicing , dyno tuning and all the way up to supercharging. Intune Motorsport are dedicated to late model Ford performance.  Just give me a call any time and I will be only to happy to look after your needs. 0003301


For more details just give me a call