This flexplate is a direct replacement for the original unit with a insert attached to the centre of the flexplate reinforcing the std unit. Six speed auto’s suffer from the std flex plate failing. This unit has a long track record of fixing the problem. It will fit all 6 and 4 speed auto’s from BA, BF,  and FG, XR6 turbo G6E and F6. There are bolt options to select. Selecting the ARP option with sealants will give you the best chance of fixing the problem. If the flexplate is installed by Intune Motorsport we offer a replacement guarantee of 12 month or 20000 km. Guarantee is only available if installed at Intune Motorsport as we cannot control other people’s installation process or other unforeseeable problems with the car. The kit comes with instruction on the best way to install the flexplate. 0007502/00013209/00015278